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In order to guide children on their path of discovering the world, it is crucial to understand their actual needs during each stage of development, from childhood up to the teenage years.

One of the problems that arise in the early months of life are infantile colics, which usually occur until the fourth month of age and result in the baby crying. The pain from colic is caused by the rapid intestinal distension resulting from the passage of air bubbles. In the event of colics, non-pharmacological remedies suggest placing the baby stomach-down along the forearm so as to massage his abdominal wall, and favouring the release of air during breastfeeding.

The management of a colicky baby can be particularly stressful for parents, especially at night. There are several remedies to relieve colics in babies. Probiotics belonging to the family of Lactobacilli are typical of the small intestine. An optimal bacterial colonization of the intestine is essential for all bodily functions.

Sleep problems in children are another problem that should not be underestimated. To sleep well and regularise sleeping and waking patterns is fundamental since sufficient sleep ensures greater concentration at school, facilitates learning and favours growth. Melatonin drops can reduce the time required to drift off. In particular, melatosoma is a new technology that ensures an enhanced bioavailability of melatonin.

To take care of children’s health means also to protect them from different seasonal ailments (in particular during the winter) such as coughs, colds and flu symptoms. To preserve the respiratory tract and defend children from bacteria and viruses, there are several natural remedies such as supplements for children containing: vitamin C, which supports the immune system and reduces tiredness; propolis, a resinous substance produced by bees and with many benefits and uses; magnesium, potassium and zinc, which are important minerals for energy production. Nutraceuticals are available in drops, sachets and syrups with a pleasant flavour that is suitable for children.

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