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The nervous system consists of all the organs and structures that allow for the transmission of signals between the different parts of the body. It also aids in coordination between the various voluntary and involuntary functions. It consists of the central nervous system, represented by the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system with its complex network of nerves.

In case of injury or lesions to the nervous tissue, a painful sensation ensues, known as neuropathic pain or neuralgia. The most common neuropathies include the carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by the irritation or compression of the median nerve as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. Especially in elderly persons, who often have other pathologies and must take many other drugs, a healthy diet and the administration of molecules with neurotrophic properties (e.g. dietary supplements studied specifically for the nervous system) can give benefits without side effects.

The impact of the brain on the entire body becomes evident in case of psychosomatic disorders. One of the main signals of a disorder is anxiety. Sadness and joy are feelings that are part of everyday life, but significant stress can trigger mood swings and disorders. Yoga, meditation and a healthy diet can provide relief. In addition, the correct amount of tryptophan, an essential amino acid, is useful to improve mood and sleep. The natural remedies that can help restore balance include those containing hawthorn, passionflower, valerian and griffonia, plants which are known for their sedative and calming properties, and rhodiola, also known as “golden root”, which has positive effects on physical and cognitive vitality.

Stress and tiredness can sometimes cause headaches, migraine and tension headaches, with different levels of intensity and progress. Sleep problems, which can affect the quality of life, are equally common, though they can be alleviated by sleep drops containing melatonin (a hormone produced by the pituitary gland which controls sleep-wake cycles) or by tablets containing tryptophan, the sole precursor of serotonin (also known as “the hormone of happiness”). Uninterrupted sleep for at least 8 hours per night is important to maintain high concentration levels during the day, promote positive mood and a healthy metabolism. To promote sleep, Laborest® offers an innovative solution: Melatosoma®, namely melatonin in liposomes.

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