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Entero 4®

Product details

Pharmaceutical form

8 ml bottle   Gluten free  Lactose-free


Food supplement containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and zinc.

Probiotics such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (ATCC 53103) support gut flora balance. Zinc contributes to a healthy immune system and to the normal metabolism of macronutrients.

Take 0.5-1 ml/day to be dosed with the graduated pipette in the evening, shortly before bedtime, either as is or diluted in a little water or another cold beverage. The graduated pipette facilitates product dosing and administration even to very young children. Take Entero 4 ® gocce for the time and at the doses that are best suited to your needs. Shake the bottle before each use.

Any precipitate is not indicative of product alteration, rather it is due to the normal characteristics of ingredients. Keep the product at a controlled temperature, not higher than 25°C. Avoid sudden temperature changes.

The line is completed by Entero 4® junior in bottles and, for adults, Entero 4® capsule and Entero 4® Buste and Entero 4 FLOR in Bottles.

Nutrition facts

Average quantity of characterising components
Components Per dose (0.5 ml) NRV
L. rhamnosus GG ATCC 53103 3×109 ufc
Zinc 1,5 mg 15%