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According to the definition given by the Italian Ministry of Health, food supplements are “foodstuffs intended to integrate a normal diet and are a concentrated source of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, in particular but not only amino acids, essential fatty acids, fibres and herbal extracts, whether alone or in combination, in pre-dosed forms”.

No noteworthy side effects have been reported.
Predisposed individuals may develop adverse reactions to single active ingredients or excipients.
In any case, speak to your doctor before taking a food supplement in combination with other drugs.

Laborest products are sold in stationary and online pharmacies in different countries around the world.

All our products are gluten free.
Each production batch is inspected to check the presence of gluten (< 20 ppm).

Yes, Laborest products are sold internationally (product portfolio may vary among countries).

Laborest stands for quality, which is guaranteed by 2 important certifications:

In 2007: ISO 9001
The primary purpose of this certification is to constantly improve corporate performances, ensuring the maintenance and improvement over time of top-quality goods and services.

In 2013: ISO 22000 
This certification ensures the appropriate level of security in the rigorous selection and qualitative analysis of ingredients used in foodstuffs. Laborest was the first nutraceutical products company in Europe to obtain this certification. An additional guarantee to offer always top-quality products.

You should avoid breaking tablets and capsules since the pharmacokinetics of their active principles would be modified; to break capsules would reduce their gastroprotective effect.
To overcome this problem, most Laborest products are offered in an alternative formulation: sachets, drops or bottles.