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A healthy circulatory system is essential for the wellbeing of the entire body. In fact, the blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients, reaches our organs and tissues through a dense network of arteries and capillaries, and returns to the heart through the veins. This circle maintains all the cells of our body oxygenated and nourished and prevents the onset of different diseases and complications.

To preserve the health and elasticity of the vessel system, it is essential, first of all, to adopt a balanced and healthy diet, limit the consumption of salt and caffeine, avoid smoking, drink a lot of water and practice regular physical activity.

When venous blood struggles to return to the heart, there ensues venous insufficiency, with symptoms involving swelling, cramps, tight feeling legs and tingling. The elements that enhance microcirculation include Ginkgo biloba extracts, a plant that is known for its free radical scavenging properties and is used to treat circulation disorders, a-lipoic acid (also known as thioctic acid), a powerful antioxidant, and B vitamins.

Poor circulation is also one of the main causes of haemorrhoids. In addition to adopting a healthy diet and a less sedentary lifestyle, some alternative remedies can provide benefits. For example, extracts of Vitis vinifera (also known as “common grape vine”) have vasoprotective and antioxidant properties.

Equally important is a healthy lymphatic system, which is seen as the first line of defence against disease. Lymph can often build up in given areas of our body causing oedema, swelling and limb pain. The natural substances that are used include aescin, a molecule extracted from horse chestnut that promotes microcirculation, and bromelain, an enzyme derived from the stem of pineapples and that is known for its fluid draining properties.

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