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APP 33

The importance of taking food supplements/nutraceuticals on a regular basis

It is largely known that drugs should be taken according to the indications given in their leaflet: usually at a specific time of the day, in the number of doses prescribed and accurately. This ensures the effectiveness of the drug in treating an illness.

How about a dietary supplement or nutraceutical?

Even if food supplements/nutraceuticals are generally developed to preserve or improve health rather than treat an illness, they should be taken just as scrupulously. In fact, being by definition less “aggressive” than a drug and being metabolised more quickly by the body (a characteristic that makes them, a priori, safer), missing one or more doses nullifies, to a lesser or greater extent, the effect of previous doses. This is important both for the purpose of achieving the desired result and in terms of economic investment, to avoid wasting valuable resources by taking doses in a distracted and irregular way. Nowadays, electronic systems (especially mobile applications) can help us remember to take our daily dose at the most appropriate time and, in the most advanced versions, they can also remind us of stocking up on the supplement before we run out of it. Therefore, if we want to optimise our investment by maximising the chances of the supplement/nutraceutical being effective, it is important to take it regularly, trying to minimize the number of doses not taken during the period of time in which the product should be taken on a regular basis.

Arrigo F.G. Cicero
President of the Italian Nutraceutics Society (SINut)


To obtain the intended benefit and make the most of food supplements, Laborest has partnered up with SINut (Italian Nutraceutics Society) to launch APP 33, an application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and that reminds you to take your daily dose of nutraceutical at the most appropriate time; it also warns you when your supplement is about to finish and gives you advice for your wellbeing. Download it now!

The APP33 by Laborest will be soon available for iOS and Android smartphones. Keep an eye on our page to find out when and how to download it