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The Code of Ethics is a key factor in every company to develop quality and business competitiveness.

The Code should consider that ethics pertain to both collective and individual conduct; the application of its principles must relate to compliance with the law but, above all, with moral values.

To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to develop a corporate culture, high-profile know-how and to believe in the principles of conduct promoted by the company.

Corporate organisational model and supervisory body.



Customer-oriented company: to understand that everything we do has a meaning only if it creates added value for customers.

Intention: to have a very clear project and objective to pursue, which meets customers’ needs and traces a path for the entire organisation.

Alignment: to work together, as a team, following the same direction that indicates our intention in the strategic plan.


Communication: To be familiar with, explain and remember our objectives and the progress we are making to attain them. To listen to everyone and give our feedback. To avoid fomenting or tolerating gossip and to deal with conflicts directly and constructively.

Inspiration: to maintain and foster a sense of pride in belonging to the company and the motivation to pursue a common project.

Commitment: To be totally committed, to use all our skills and efforts, setting examples for every action and decision.


Optimism: To face any circumstance with a good approach and looking at reality for its most positive aspects; an ambitious and realistic optimism that is a source of energy for the organisation.

Entrepreneurial spirit: To approach our work with a sense of challenge, realisation, personal fulfilment and business understanding and to manage the company’s money as if it were our own.

Ability to prioritise: to be pragmatic, to decide fast; our business and world do not allow for a slow approach. We must seek the fastest and simplest path.


To reinvent the present: To question the status quo and suggest new and better ways of doing everything we see around us, bringing ideas and separate points of view.

Innovate: to be creative, to be able to innovate and generate different solutions.

Growth: To view reality without any boundaries and limits, to understand the current global scenario and always seek opportunities.


To trust: to establish personal and close ties with people around us, actively listening to them, providing opportunities, informing and delegating.

Responsibility: To honour the trust placed in us by expecting the most from ourselves, to work hard and be totally committed to achieving the results proposed, reporting information in an honest and transparent way.

To fulfill: to understand that our plans and objectives are commitments we have taken toward our shareholders and the entire organisation and that there is no option other than to achieve them.


Ethics: Vocation and believing in what we do. Honesty, seriousness, dedication, accurate work and compliance with the law and fairness.

Humanity: Attaching importance to people, behaving in a simple, fair and correct manner.

Sustainability: we have to respect our roots and the entrepreneurial tradition of 5 generations.