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Hi kids!

My name is Sanosauro and I am Laborest’s mascot for the paediatric area. You might ask yourselves: didn’t dinosaurs go extinct millennia ago? Yes indeed, but I am a special dinosaur thanks to my friends at Laborest, who give me healthy tips and take care of me and of my health. Not by chance, my friends call me Sano, which means “healthy” in Italian! Did you know that these supplements contain plant extracts that are as old as me, which were already known in the past for their beneficial effects on our health?

You have probably experienced a cough, stuffy nose and tickling throat. What a nuisance!

Do you know what I do to feel better? I climb up into a blackcurrant tree, which is about two meters tall, to search for dark berries, which are very useful for winter ailments. I should put them in a basket, but I often cannot help myself and taste some, they are really tasty! Then I go and visit my friends, the bees, who give me some of their propolis. Have you ever heard of it? It is a substance that bees collect from the buds and bark of trees, to which they add wax and pollen, and then I take the prickly pear, which looks like a cactus, and some olive tree leaves. Then I bring all these natural ingredients to my friends at Laborest who, thanks to their scientific research and technological laboratories, prepare a delicious mixture for me.

My friends at Laborest have invented many natural solutions so that I can stay healthy.

Don’t you believe me? Come with me into the woods to collect a special type of mushroom. Try and say its name fast: Pleurotus ostreatus. I simply call it “big ear” because it looks just like it! It helps me stay in shape because it is combined with vitamin C, which is a friend of the immune system and makes me feel stronger. I am full of energy and ready to play all day long!

So, as you can imagine, I have plenty of energy. I don’t know whether this happens to you too, but I sometimes struggle to fall asleep at night.

I want to do so many things! I have learned that to rest is important. So, before going to bed, I avoid watching electronic screens and, if this is not enough, I take chamomile and lemon balm that my friends of Laborest have transformed into drops. These friends of mine are so clever that, to make sure I have a restful sleep and sweet dreams, they have come up with an innovative technology for melatonin: Melatosoma.

Would you like to know something else about me? I love drawing.

Perhaps I’ll be an artist when I grow up. Do you like using pencils and markers just like me? Then let me see what you can do, send me your drawings! Ask your mummy and daddy to fill out the form below and upload your scanned drawings. I will publish them on the Facebook page of Laborest, so you can see them there yourselves. Tell me your stories! I’ll be waiting for you here… See you soon!

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