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When the body is pushed to its limits in order to deal with stress, one of the most largely-used resources is MAGNESIUM. The categories at risk are mainly women (due to ion losses connected with menstruation), children and the elderly. Any individual who is repeatedly subject to stress can have a reduced cell availability of Magnesium. Diets in industrialised societies are increasingly sodium-rich and POTASSIUM deficient, both because of the high sodium content of food and of the higher induced depletion of potassium. ZINC deficiency is associated with a reduced immune response, which is already low in case of chronic stress. The simultaneous presence of the three cations (Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium) is required to catalyse more than 300 reactions in the body, including the Krebs cycle, the main metabolic cycle used by our cells to produce energy. Excessive sweating, typical of the warmest periods of the year or in case of physical efforts, can further deprive our body of minerals.

Product details

Pharmaceutical form

20 gluten-free sachets  Gluten free  Lactose-free


Food supplement containing chelated Magnesium and Zinc, with Potassium.

Magnesium contributes to normal muscle performance, to a healthy nervous system, to a normal protein synthesis, to electrolyte balance, to a normal psychological function and also reduces tiredness and fatigue.
Potassium contributes to a healthy nervous system and to normal muscle performance.
Zinc contributes to a healthy cognitive function, to the normal metabolism of macronutrients, to the normal function of the immune system and to cell protection against oxidative stress.

Take 2 sachets a day.
Dissolve the contents in a little water, stirring well.
Trocà® can be taken also by people who are gluten or lactose intolerant or sensitive.

Trocà® is available in Red Orange and Classic flavours.

The cutting-edge chelation technology ensures the maximum bioavailability of minerals: therefore, Magnesium and Zinc have no gastrointestinal side effect.

Nutrition facts

Average quantity of characterising components
Components Per 2 sachets % NRV/dose *
Magnesium 281 mg 75
Zinc 10 mg 100
Potassium 300 mg 15

*Nutrient reference values for vitamins and minerals (adults) under Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011