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Kistinox® Forte

KISTINOX® FORTE is a food supplement containing Cranberry, D-mannose and Noxamicin® P. Cranberry is often used to support urinary tract health. Its effects are due to a special class of bioflavonoids contained in it, namely proanthocyanidins (PACs); starting from this theory, various Cranberry extracts are used to increase the content of this class of bioflavonoids.

Product details

Pharmaceutical form

14 sachets  Gluten free  Lactose-free


Food supplement containing Cranberry, Noxamicin® P and D-mannose.

KISTINOX® FORTE is a food supplement containing Cranberry titrated to 80% in proanthocyanidins (PACs), equal to 72 mg of PACs per sachet, which supports urinary tract health; it can be associated with an antibiotic therapy when treating acute cases.
Noxamicin® P is a compound of bioflavonoids, selected and extracted from propolis, with a synergistic activity, obtained through a patented extraction method that makes the molecules free from impurities and highly bioavailable.
D-mannose is a simple sugar extracted from larch and birch wood, which is poorly metabolised by the liver and/or other organs; it reaches the kidney and is expelled through the urinary tract where it reaches high concentrations.

Take 2 sachets of KISTINOX® FORTE a day for at least a week in the first month, followed by a continuous use of 1 sachet a day for two weeks in the following months.
It is preferably to take KISTINOX® FORTE on an empty bladder after urination.
KISTINOX® FORTE can be taken also by people who are gluten or lactose intolerant or sensitive.

KISTINOX® FORTE may be associated with an antibiotic therapy, has no side effects and is not a drug; therefore it can be taken without a prescription.

Drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres of water per day to increase urinary flow, thus expelling any pathogenic bacteria. To favour fluid intake, KISTINOX® Infusione can be used, namely a food supplement containing Cranberry, Hibiscus and Horsetail, which promote fluid drainage and urinary tract health.
The Kistinox® line includes Kistinox® Forte tablets and Kistinox® Act, with the latter being a food supplement containing Cranberry, D-Mannose,  Noxamicin® P, Turmeric and Boswellia.

Nutrition facts

Average quantity of characterising components
Components Per sachet
Proanthocyanidins (PACs-A)
90 mg
72 mg
Noxamicin® P 100 mg
D-Mannose 500 mg