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Colpofix® TE

Product details

Pharmaceutical form

20 ml bottle

Sprayable gel with a soothing and protective effect on skin and a filmogenic action.
Colpofix TE® is an innovative product both for its formulation and use: whilst spraying the product, the power of the mechanical compression turns the gel into a liquid, thus ensuring a more widespread and uniform distribution of the product in the area concerned; after application, the liquid becomes a gel again, enhancing the adhesion of its components.

External use. Shake the bottle well before using. Remove the cap from the bottle. Place the applicator on the dispensing nozzle of the bottle. Before using for the first time, pump the spraying button for a couple of times until the product appears.
Turn the dispenser, direct it toward the area to be treated and spray 3 to 5 times per application.
Apply once or twice a day, for 10/15 days.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity and incompatibility to any product component.