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Artrosulfur® MSM + HA

Joints are complex anatomical structures that allow us to move. An excessive use of the joint, a trauma or different types of triggering factors can cause wear and tear damage to one of the most important anatomical structures at the articular level: cartilage. Articular cartilage acts as a natural shock absorber, preventing friction and wear and tear between the bone ends.

Product details

Pharmaceutical form

3 pre-filled syringes


CE-marked medical device conforming to Directive MDD 93/42/EEC, containing MSM  (Methylsulfonylmethane) and 16 mg/ml of Hyaluronic Acid produced by fermentation.

ARTROSULFUR® MSM+ HA must be administered as prescribed.

ARTROSULFUR® MSM+HA is provided in a glass syringe containing 32 mg of hyaluronic acid in 2 ml of sodium chloride-buffered physiological solution, packaged in a blister. The package includes 3 disposable needles (21 G diameter) with Luer lock. ARTROSULFUR® MSM+HA is a transparent, sterile, pyrogen-free and viscoelastic solution.

The ARTROSULFUR® line includes ARTROSULFUR® VISC, a food supplement in sachets containing Hyaluronic Acid (Mobilee®) and ARTROSULFUR® HA, a medical device containing Hyaluronic Acid.